I hate lottery players

It drives me nuts when I have to wait in line at a convenience store to watch some moron pick out exactly which scratch tickets they want today.  Give me a fucking break.  First of all, you didn’t win.  Second, if you’re playing you’re probably not smart enough to know #1 which means you probably don’t have a job that makes a lot and you probably can’t afford to play anyway.  It’s great that the money goes to education and all, which is really quite ironic if you think about it; but are these the people we need financing our educational system?  Wouldn’t we be better off if we ditched the whole lottery and focused on the government paying for our primary education instead of letting it be funded by the very people the system has already failed?  The way I see it, the lottery is just an intelligence tax.  While an evil part of me likes the idea of taxing the stupid, our governments are really just thinking what P.T. Barnum said so eloquently many years ago, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


~ by spacemanalpha on November 3, 2009.

One Response to “I hate lottery players”

  1. In my experience it’s the elderly who can barley function and hardly stand that take forever cashing in their one dollar winnings…

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