Fox News is a Misnomer

Here is an example of the type of content that Fox ‘News’ considers news.  This kind of bias seems to be the norm, rather than the exception on this channel.

The only relevant fact I see in the entire segment was a quote from a Pentagon email:

“Airforce and DoD policy prohibit support for events which appear to endorse, selectively benefit, or favor any special interest group, religious, or ideological movement.”

It doesn’t say anything specifying Christianity in the quoted email.  I heard no evidence that this specific event had anything to do with Obama whatsoever.  Also, the email states, “events that APPEAR to endorce.”  To me this does leave this choice at the discretion to the Pentagon, who can be, but is not always directed by the President.

Statements like:

“The only indicator we have is that we have a new Commander in Chief”

are unbelievably ignorant.  Does he really think that the only thing that has changed between the past 42 years and this year is that we have a different president?  Many things have changed and I heard no credible evidence showing that there is any environment of hostility toward public displays of religion.  Nowhere that I’ve seen has it been shown that Obama himself asked that the IHS be covered at the Georgetown speech.  His staff asked that it be covered.  There are likely guidelines that have been standardized over the years that dictate how the stage should look at a presidential event.  You’ll notice a common theme in the decorations pretty quickly.  ANY symbols would likely be covered as I suspect they want the president’s seal to be the only visible insignia.

There are a lot of reasons to not allow the flyover, and not very many to allow it.  Many of the latter were well documented in the video.  Here’s just one to not to allow it:

What about the ‘Great Recession’ and it’s impact on everyone’s spending, including (gasp!) the military.  Planes like that are very expensive to operate, something on the order of $30,000-50,000/hour.  It’s about 60 miles from Mountain Home AFB to Nampa where the rally was held.  Flying at an average speed of, say 400mph (which is really booking if you’re just flying around town), it would only take about 10min to get there.  They’ll likely circle once and plan their approach, scan for other air traffic, and wait for the right timing.  That might take, say, 10min.  Then they kick the tires, light the fires, and go shrieking past.  The approach, flyby, and flying away out of sight might take 5 min.  Then it’s another 10 min back to base.  That’s a total of 35min.  Four jets x .583 hours x $30,000 = $70,000. So at a VERY minimum the flyover would have cost $70,000, likely much more. That’s like $35+ per person at the event!  Would you pay $35 for someone else to watch a flyby?

The Good Reverend goes on to say,

“We must get to the bottom of this to ensure that no American citizen, and no group is denied access to the public square because of their faith tradition.”

Really?  How is denying a flyover in any way denying them access to the public square?  How is covering a religious symbol above the presidents head denying access to the public square?  They didn’t stop the celebration.  It looked to me like there was a military color-guard there so the Pentagon must not have been too concerned with it’s ‘anti-Christian’ stance.  Or maybe there are other reasons?  Those aren’t reported at all.

Fox ‘News’ is quite simply, a tabloid news channel.  What happened to actually reporting the news instead of reporting the opinions of whom ever supports their bias?  Fox ‘News’ and their commentators are seemingly incapable of seeing past religious, racial, and party lines to report any actual news.


~ by spacemanalpha on August 22, 2009.

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