the nose knows

Some probably saw my tweet earlier today about my nose and thought, WTF.  Short story, I’ve got a deviated septum that has finally, after all these 28.9 years, started to cause me problems.  I snore a lot apparently, there are earplugs all over the house and they aren’t mine.  Lately, I’ve been having more congestion for some reason and as a result haven’t been sleeping well.  Whenever my nasal passages are slightly blocked, they’re unusable and I become a mouthbreather.  Having lost part of my saliva glands when the tumor was removed.  I already have dry mouth and breathing through it doesn’t help any.  That’s got the dentist concerned so between that and the sleeping issues, it’s finally time to get it fixed.  I’m having a head CT tomorrow to take a look at my sinuses.  I suspect we’ll do surgery sometime soon to fix the nose, but we’ll have to wait and see.  I’d rather not have surgery again, but I want to be able to breathe properly.


~ by spacemanalpha on August 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “the nose knows”

  1. Oh….we’ve always known you’re a “mouth-breather.” But seriously, good luck. Snoring is NO FUN for either party involved.

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