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Fucking Clown Shoes

Hello and welcome to Fucking Clown Shoes.  Let me start with a disclaimer: I’m probably going to post the most when I’m pissed off.  This will result in extreme profanity, threats of violence against inanimate objects, and possible nudity (although lets hope not).  Maybe there will be some happy posts, if you’re lucky.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why the funny name?”  Some will recognize the movie reference as being from Kevin Smith’s movies as Jay and Silent Bob.   I thought it was funny, so I did a google search and the urban dictionary defines it (and the intent of my blog) well:

“A joke.  Worthless.”

“Laughable.  Not to be taken seriously.  Immediately disposable.”

“When something is pointless, worthless or just a big mess…”

If you expect anything more, don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

Today is a day I’m pissed off.  I’ve been at my job for about 4 months now and I’ve learned a lot in that amount of time.  This is a new industry for me, but not all that unlike things I’ve done before.  The position I moved into was a new one in an office of three.  Being a new position the duties are not clearly defined. Apparently, neither are the duties of the main person I work with.  We’ll call him ‘Chad’. To make a long story short(er)…

I am one type of engineer, Chad is another.  Similar, but in reality very different.  He is the same age as I am.  Basically, today I saw him calculating something on the dry-erase board that looked interesting, so I asked him what he was doing.   Ultimately, it was something in my realm of expertise, not his.  He should have left it for me to do.  When he explained to me how he was modeling his calculations I immediately knew that this was the wrong approach.   I asked some more questions and very politely told him that the problem seemed more complicated than he was allowing for.  After a little more talking he got pissed off and said, “I’m not having this conversation right now.” and stormed out of the office in front of our boss.  I have no idea why he was so mad.  My only critical remark was that I thought other things needed to be accounted for to achieve the correct or best answer.  I know I can do a better job of calculating this than him, and it’s my area of expertise.

My boss continues to refuse me the software I need to properly do my job; at least what I think my job is.  The instruction I keep getting is that we’re sending everything to India to be ‘drafted’ (designed) by drafters.  Not engineers. I see little hope of this process being successful.  We can’t even communicate well between the four of us in the office, how are we going to coordinate with a drafting contractor in India?  I’m continually kept out of the loop on most of the goings on and I have no idea why.   Like I just said, there are only 4 of us! I ask lots of questions, ask what I should be working on, and am met mostly by blank stares.

So welcome to my blog, welcome to my life.


~ by spacemanalpha on July 30, 2009.

One Response to “Welcome to FCS”

  1. Wow…sounds like they are filled with fail. And that business about submitting data created with a software you don’t own…filled with bullshit, up to the brim. Anyways, I hope you get it sorted out and I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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